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Welcome to the Snake's Site, this is for Snake's SWBF1 maps, mods, tutorials, etc. If you have any questions, Snake's xfire is aatcsnake. You can also use the forums to find tutorials and post questions. 

Current Mods/Maps WIP:

The SWBF1 Museum

Snake's Site News

Hyperion: Tunnels of Death - Finished! 

Hyperion: Ancient Ecavations - Finished! Get it on the Downloads page 

Mandalorian Games - FINISHED!

EARTH: DESERT TOWN - Check out the latest release in the forums or on the downloads page! 

Utapau Finished - Utapau is finished! It's not nearly as cool as I wanted it to be.. SWBF just can't handle it.


I am a SWBF player and modder. I have discovered a lot in modding and have hopefully helped the modding community somewhat. I like teaching others how to mod to increase the fun of SWBF1. I like mapping, modding, and coming up with new ways to do things.

Old Mod Showcase


ApeX Gaming's Ultimate Glitching Mod 2

 ApeX Jet Trooper:


 ApeX Arc Trooper:

 Reverse Green/Black ApeX Mandalorian:


The ApeX Speeder: 


ApeX Pilot(I tested making better "war torn" armor on this guy):

 ApeX Jedi Starfighter:ApeX Gunship:ApeX Fightertank:ApeX AT-TE:


ApeX Cantina Sides 

ApeX Cantina Sides were lost in a computer crash... Mod cancelled until further notice.


-Racer unit (For racing on the track that will be around ApeX Cantina)


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